To God, time doesn’t exist. Time only matters when you have a limited amount of it.

Sort of like knowing how much food you can buy is none of your concern, until you are running out of food.

What else doesn’t exist for God? Pretty much everything.

Space doesn’t exist. He doesn’t need it. It is infinite.

For an infinite being, all things are permissible. Because it does not intrude on it. And thus, as they say, God is Love.

If you were dead, what would you need to defend? Nothing. You only defend ultimately because you need to survive.

God does not need to survive. And thus can love endlessly.

This is why when we discover that we do not need to survive either, we unlock the ability to love endlessly.



My take on the world today is we have far more than a village and it’s allowing for some incredible things.

We are collectively learning so much from each other online.

For today’s problems, “it takes the world.”