Thought. I am returning to the usefulness and power of the phrase “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

No matter how far gone you feel about things in your life, this phrase allows you to find a simple way back.

Do you feel unfocused and watch a lot of TV?

First step you can do? Develop your focus while watching TV. Be present when watching. Don’t mindlessly surf. Pay attention to what you are watching and finish the entire episode.

Decide when you are going to stop, and then stop at that moment.

You just developed focus…

Growth is found by doing something slightly outside what you’ve ever done before. Slightly outside what you believe you can do.

Enjoy it, love it, reach again.

Repeat this for a month and you won’t even recognize yourself at the end.

The Law of Attraction is an idea that emphasizes that it is not logic or force that determines what you attract in life, rather it is focus.

Whether you say, “I’m going to die alone.”

Or you say, “There’s no way I am dying alone.”

Or, “How do you not die alone?”

You are putting your focus on the very same identity and outcome.

This creates the same thoughts that create emotions and your brain becomes a boiling pot of created worries and expectations.

If you instead drop these focused thoughts and focus on what you actually WANT, you can…


There are unlimited ways you can criticize yourself.

There are also unlimited ways you can praise yourself.

What does it mean to be confident?

It means your arbitrary mixture of thoughts are such that “average” is much lower than your current status.

Want a new measure to feel inadequate against?

You could always be one pound lighter.

Notice how ridiculously arbitrary that statement is.

A runway model could think the same thing.

I reflect on letting go of any thoughts of inadequacy and instead hold onto thoughts of my greatness.

Everyone can feel great if they give themselves permission. And when they do, everyone sees them that way too.

Notes for our MBTI Clubhouse Talk Series

  1. The first topic is the power of self-acceptance in MBTI.
  2. The second topic is how I find flow.
  3. The third topic is how this had me realize my genius.

I’d then like to open up a discussion to talk about your incredible stories of situations where certain types emerged as heroes.

First, self-acceptance in MBTI.

When I first got into MBTI, I assumed the journey was one of “full functional ability”. …

I’ve recently come to realize that there are many more fake “distractions” than I previously realized.

Incredibly “reasonable” thoughts your mind gives you to keep you from committing fully.

For example, if I am working out and I “wonder about progress”? Distraction.

Someone who is fully immersed in their workout will get the best results.

When you do something new and wonder if you should quit?

If you really feel compelled to do that activity, the thought to quit is a distraction.

There are all kinds of thoughts disguised as common sense and logic that sap your will to go…

If you wanted to be a great basketball player, which would be the better activity to prioritize?

1. Formal explanations of basketball strategy

2. Playing an hour of basketball a day with people consistently higher-level than you

Try as you might to understand basketball through whiteboard strategy, it will never translate without real-world play.

Why? Because talking about basketball is not basketball.

You may be able to blurt out all 6 options you have from a certain position, but you cannot do it unless you try it and fail in game and refine it 100 times.

Then, it becomes a…

Through no fault of our own, we may hold certain scarcity mindsets for various topics.

It could be money.

A person may scrape for money to the point where it is impeding on their life.

They don’t update the broken computer that burns a week of their life a year.

They don’t replace a car that breaks down three times a year.

It could be people.

A person may be afraid of offending that one person in their life by telling the truth.

So they live their whole life in misery. Because that one person is so important.

It could…

Tony Robbins once said we are motivated by two fundamental forces: pain and pleasure. We move away from pain, and we move towards pleasure.

Today, I realized that if you include the “compounding” factor of memory, you find the core of fear and desire.

Experience something and feel pain? Your body begins to fear that experience.

Experience something and feel pleasure? Your body begins to desire that experience.

I think I now know why I was socially anxious as a child.

First, I had some kind of traumatic social experience as a kid.

The next day, I was afraid of…


How long can you hold that in your head?

How about 343344244?

What if I told you those were just number sequences for the preceding words?

“Quick. (5) Remember (8) this (4) number (6).”

“How (3) long (4) can (3) you (3) hold (4) that (4) in (2) your (4) head (4)?”

I imagine you can now recall those numbers after 5 seconds.

The conclusion I am hinting at is this.

Humans aren’t very good at remembering meaningless information.

But string it together in meaningful ways? And the previously meaningless information becomes instantly recallable.

The parallel for language learning? …

James Kahng

Living with abandon. We are born into life, skydivers without a parachute.

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