Exploration As Learning

The recent events of my life absolutely have me resonate with the Lord of the Rings line.

“Not all who wander are lost.”

This is a common story across all literature.

Abraham was called by God to go to the Promised Land. He just packed his things and began traveling in a vague direction.

There was that classic dog of literature who answered the “Call Of The Wild” to rejoin his wolfkind.

In “The Alchemist”, the boy left his share in a lucrative merchant’s store to continue on his journey. The merchant says something to the effect of… “you are doing what I don’t have the courage to do. Good luck.”

There is something within me telling me that I am going the right way. And many times, it truly feels right because I happen to encounter a situation that I feel perfectly equipped to handle.

Who would have known that my time improving myself and studying psychology, philosophy, public speaking, and writing will make me into an awesome English teacher?

And yet, the maddening thing about this is because I am blazing a trail, I can never feel “safe”. There is no one telling me where to go.

And I understand if there were, I would immediately feel the urge to change course. Because I am not called to follow.

I am called to innovate and explore.

I am exercising and developing my ability to be an adventurous leader. There is nothing to guide me except a strong sense that I am right.

In the end, that courage is truly all you have to rely on in this world.

The leaders of the world have no more authority than anyone else.

They are just the ones who are more comfortable with uncertainty.


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James Kahng

Living with abandon. We are born into life, skydivers without a parachute.